Wayfinding, 2014
Pigment Spray Chalk
6.67 x 65.6 ft (2.03 x 20 m)

Installation view of my public art commission for the David Dale Gallery as part of their IAI Commonwealth Games Programming.

My contribution to the Glasgow 2014 Culture Programme was a site-specific work made possible by the access provided by technology. Through virtual and interactive maps I embarked upon an exercise in wayfinding from a computer thousands of miles away in Barbados. Through mechanisms such as Google Maps I selected forms present in the architecture and manipulated them to create artworks that drew upon the location where my work was to be presented.

I chose chalk as my medium due to its ephemeral qualities. The resulting artwork was temporary much like the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Spectators from across the globe came into direct contact with the piece, with chalk from the artwork sticking to their shoes and hitching a ride to the neighboring sports venues. The combination of the elements and foot traffic slowly ate away at the pigment and ultimately returned the site to a state prior to my intervention.

Photographs by Rayanne Bushell