Enclothed Cognition Lookbook
model: Exaucer Ntela Simao
photo assistant: Chaka Welch
*Reversible kimono made in collaboration with visual artist Llanor Alleyne (images 18 & 20)

Enclothed Cognition is a collaborative project from Barbadian visual artist Mark King and Dutch fashion designer Bregje Cox. The collection is primarily inspired by the behavioral psychological theory of Enclothed Cognition. Particularly how a garment’s symbolic meaning paired with the physical experience of wearing the garment combines to impact the wearer’s performance in everyday tasks. Enclothed Cognition is also informed by King and Cox’s shared interests in science fiction, functional clothing, architecture and future technologies.

Enclothed Cognition seeks to empower others by bringing awareness to the interplay between the clothes we wear, the built environment and the human mind. This collaboration combines a desire to address the underlying patterns that guide our behavior with the merging of new and old ideas. By incorporating workwear, formalwear, military wear and traditional garments, the collection not only leverages the inherent durability and functionality of these pieces, but also taps into their respective cognitive attributes. Thus, the wearer can feel empowered whilst navigating their surroundings through a new extended form of cognition.

Cox and King conceptualized, designed and produced the 2019 Spring/Summer collection incorporating King’s mastery of environmentally derived patterns and Cox’s expert fashion design and tailoring with keen attention paid to cut, scale and shape. The collection features a wide range of layerable pieces that fit many contexts. Its bold surface patterns are encoded with references to the built environment be it real world or digital. Each of the 13 patterns bear a unique title which speaks to the thesis of each sartorial piece:


Select pieces from the collection have been included in exhibitions in the Bonnefanten Museum (Maastricht, Netherlands) and the Cube Design Museum (Kerkrade, Netherlands).

The Enclothed Cognition 2019 Spring/Summer collection has been presented at Modefabriek trade fair (Amsterdam, January 2019), the FASHIONCLASH Festival (Maastricht, June 2018) and Ethno Tendance (Brussels, October 2018) group fashion shows.